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Jan 11, 2013 5:30am EST
be called the meeting maybe a little less cordial. nra released a stinging statement following the sit- down saying it didn't produce ideas as curbing gun violence but instead hacking the second amendment. mr. biden said the one thing has come out of his immediateings is that consensus that background checks need to be strengthened overall. >>> and adding urgency to the debate another school shooting. this one in taft, california war 16-year-old -- where a 16- year-old walked into the school and shot a classmate. police cred ate teacher and staffer with talking that shooter into putting the weapon down before things got worse. the victim is in critical condition. and we are learning that bullying may have been the motive behind the school shooting in california. and you have this scene in portland oregon a. two men armed with rifle taking to the streets and hoping to raise awareness about gun rights. instead it caused a near panic. when officers showed up, there was not much they could do. the pair had concealed carry permits and were not breaking laws. coming up, we have checked around thi
Jan 18, 2013 6:30am EST
sense measures to improve safety. you can expect a tough fight from the nra. >>> two planes clipped one another in miami. >> it was landing at the plane was headed for paris that was departing. reports in miami say they did have damage. >>> in one was hurt, the people were stranded and had to search for a flight. this is coming to us out of miami. the planes were so close to one another the faa is trying to determine how that could have happened. >>> the story is a recurring problem. another person is thrown from a platform on to the tracks. the victim pulled herself up as the train was coming. cameras show a man approaching her at a station in philadelphia. can you see him grab her and drag her off a bench and on to the tracks. unbelievable. police were able to find him and arrest him. >>> and in the tough times financial planners say more people are dipping into their 401(k) plans. experts say this is not a good idea unless you have to. the quick cash comes with a price. -- price. >> there are tax implications that you have to pay taxes on it. if you are not 59 and a half you have
Jan 30, 2013 6:30am EST
things to know on this wednesday morning. the nra executive vice president will testify before the senate judicialary committee. it's holding a hearing about gun violence and what should be done for future prevention. the committee will hear from gabriel gifford's husband. gun control will be a topic of conversationton in newtown. they will hold a hearing about gun safety and mental health issues. blackberry devoteees have been waiting for this. there's a new phone with the blackberry 10 system. it's long overdue makeover for the technology which obviouseled -- struggled since the introduction of the iphone and android on the market. >>> the path train service between new york and new jersey resumes on a normal schedule. many of the stations flooded forcing them to be shut down so crews could make necessary repairs. >>> and security is one of the top priorities for the superbowl this weekend. and today, secretary of homeland security is talking about what they are doing to keep fans, players and employees safe during the big game. >>> we are minutes away from 7:00 and it's jack and jackie
Jan 21, 2013 5:30am EST
with closed-door meetings with nra lobbyist and state lawmakers. they showed up to support the right to bear and keep arms. this comes as others have protested the sale of semiautomatic rifles following a year of deadly mass shootings. >> they have the right to say whatever they would like unfirst amendment and i respect that. he don't have an issue of getting into a conversation with somebody but if they will argue with me don't argue with idiots. >> both side of the gun issue are keying a close eye on what law makers are going to decide to do about the legal sale of certain guns. >>> another gun control group is now happening in new york city. the million moms march will take place on the brooklyn bridge and end at city hall. there's march for dth dc chapter of 1 million moms. they are calling on law makers to take action in gun control legislation. >>> new video out of bulgaria. a man rushes on a stage during a national conference in bulgaria and points a gun at the leader of the country's ethnic turkic party he eud a gas pistol used for target practice most often. tried to shoot the part
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4